About Us

Love Leigh Occasions – Event Experts is one of the few dedicated event management companies that possess the ability to successfully transform our clients’ dreams and ideas for and event from the realm of possibilities into realities. With the development of the company’s core values of honesty, commitment, diligence, creativity and excellence Love Leigh Occasions enthusiastic team consistently adhere to these values which tailor the process to efficiently plan, produce, deliver and execute all events. Every event managed is executed with our explicit promise to transform all events from ‘ordinary to extraordinary’

Established in 2012 Love Leigh Occasions – Event Experts is a creative firm which is operated under the stewardship of Lovenia Warner. Ms. Warner previously worked under the employ of School and Business Events where she developed an exceptional portfolio which propelled her to steer the way and pioneer Love Leigh Occasions – Events Experts.


Legal Entity and Ownership

Operating as a Sole Trader company the director Ms. Warner is soley responsible for the direction and scope of the company. Being on the market for two (2) years Love Leigh Occasions – Event Planners is the premier event coordinating establishment that are able to fulfill our clients’ needs by engaging and outsourcing a wide range of personnel with the set skills and creative ability that can get the job completed in a professional and timely manner for our clientele.

Working as a sole trader is quite uncomplicated and allows Ms. Warner to focus fully on obtaining the tasks and delivering results to a high standard.” With the ability to offer a more personalised communication to clients strong relationships are built where one-off clients turn

into loyal customers for Love Leigh Occasions services.

Our Services

At Love Leigh Occasions we also endorse the fact that communication plays an integral role in understanding our clients’ thoughts and concepts. With this knowledge our team is able to effectively execute an idea to actual fulfilment and completion. Notwithstanding the financial aspect, we guarantee to bring it all together within a satisfactory budget.

Love Leigh Occasions – Event Experts offers proficient planning services designed to meet your individual needs in the following areas:

  • Budget Planning
  • Venue Search and Selection
  • Vendor Research and Management
  • Audio /Visual and Food & Beverage Coordination
  • Gala Events
  • Banquets
  • Christmas and Seasonal Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Promotions /Promotional Materials
  • Product Launches


At Love Leigh Occasions our expert team understands the dynamic of an event and possesses the knowledge and skill to accurately apply the various steps required to deal specifically with each unique occasion. Let’s just say you want to organize and event… You may have some experience, however, you may not have the spare time or you may just require assistance with the entire process. At the end of the day the fact remains that all events must be seamless, successful, on budget and impressive.

Our organizational strengths are P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

Passion – A great idea alone will not make an event successful. Our zealous team has the vision and the ability to execute the idea into reality with dedication

Efficient – Organizing priority tasks to ensure all activities are carried out productively

Resourcefulness – Accessibility to manpower, venue, material and tact.

Flexibility – Being quite aware that event planning is not an 8 to 4 job our team is ready to work around the clock. Superb shift changers we are able to change the direction without becoming flustered

Energetic – An enthusiastic team always willing to deliver the desired results

Communication – With exceptional people skills we are able to listen and understand and conceptualize what our clients want.

Time Management – Always maintaining an order, we are not over-whelmed with all the tasks at hand. We possess exceptional organizational structure which enables us to multitask and focus solely on the project at hand.



At Love Leigh Occasions – Event Experts our unprecedented team understands that event planned requires foresight and the need to be meticulous. Over the years our team has vastly developed through experience and with the advancement of technology we are able to consistently keep abreast with ideas, themes, colours, styles, designs and methods which enables us to produce fresh perspectives.

As a consequence, we have positioned ourselves in the contemporary creative economy is an organization which provides a high level of innovation, creativity, and efficiency in all event designs and concepts. Our dedicated and passionate team seek not only to stay within the current market trends but share in the mission of becoming the leaders in the event coordinating industry within Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the Caribbean.

We are able to develop of concepts working alongside our freelance graphic designer who plays an integral part in our organization. Lyn Joe has been a part of our team for the past two years and shares her experience.

Good day, my name is Lyn Joe and I am a graphic designer employed at Love Leigh Occasions – Event Experts. Just a brief history about myself: As far back as I can remember I have always been intrigued by art and crafts. This interest led me to pursue graphic design for certification. I did my first course of study in this field during the early 90’s at the Youth Training Employment Partnership Programme which we commonly called Y.T.E.P.P.

Now in those days, computers were not common as it is today and all design and concepts were crafted by hand. Although a tedious task it was a joyful challenge which has allowed me to appreciate the actual hands on which developed my creative ability. Through this direct exposure to creativity I was able to feel textures, build 3 dimensional structures etc. which has enable me to be able to accurately translate these elements onto the computer.

I did not stop there as over the years I furthered my skill obtaining a certificate at COSTATT followed by a bachelor degree at SBCS. I also did short course in art, painting, drawing, balloon and floral decorating. All these formal training sessions combined with my natural skill caused me to develop a greater understanding for the bringing uniqueness to each event. In 2009 I worked alongside the Ministry of National Security for the 5th Summit of the Americas. That was a major event in the Trinidad and Tobago and we showcased our twin island in a positive manner yet we did not stray too far from the purpose of the event.

With my years of experience and my wealth of knowledge I landed a job at Love Leigh Occasion – Event Experts. Now, you may ask how can a graphic designer fit into an event coordinating organization. Firstly, when you are thinking about an event you should not only think that it consists of food, balloons, music and people. The definition of an event holds much more substance than that. An event is an organized occasion which can ignite a creative spark giving the guest a memorable experience once planning is in the hand of the correct organizers. In event planning every detail should me meticulously coordinated.

My director works very closely with me in the development of concepts. We meet with our clients where the idea of what is required is shared. We detail all this information and strategize the best way forward. Together we merge our creative ideas and concepts in relation to the clients’ brief developing a unique event identity which can appeal to all senses where applicable.

Some of my daily functions include:

  • meeting clients to discuss the event objectives;
  • interpreting the client’s idea and developing a concept to suit the event;
  • estimating the time required to complete the work and providing quotes for clients;
  • developing design briefs by gathering information through research;
  • thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts;
  • using innovation to redefine a design brief within the constraints of cost and time;
  • presenting finalized ideas and concepts to clients or account managers;
  • working with a wide range of media, including photography, adobe illustrator suite
  • contributing ideas and design artwork to the overall brief;
  • demonstrating illustrative skills with rough sketches;
  • keeping abreast of emerging technologies and trends;
  • developing interactive design;
  • working as part of the event team

What is interesting about working at Love Leigh Occasions is the initiatives we have have embarked on to consider the environment when developing our concepts. Mother Nature has so much to offer and over the years we have moved away from natural and use more synthetics. In the consideration for our depleting climate we encourage our clients to consider eco-friendly concepts for their events.

It is always easier to grab any material for your production, but here it is we are working towards that balance of utilizing what is natural. To me this is not only a humbling strategy but is it exceptionally challenging in a positive way and pretty cool as it causes me as the graphic designer to think outside the box.

I strongly believe that I am a great asset to Love Leigh Occasions because I did not start this business learning straight from the computer. My initial training with actual paints, pencils, stencilling, craft materials has caused me to bring to life and create that uniqueness in events.


Love Leigh Occasions – Event Experts will strive to become the premier establishment in the event management industry. Through our core values of honesty, commitment, diligence, creativity and excellence we will exceed the expectations of our clients by providing innovative concepts and designs as we endeavor to successfully transform all events from ‘ordinary to extraordinary.’


To be the premier event management company through innovative, unique, eco-friendly concepts and designs consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.




We live in a world where social differences among groups may comprise of ethnic heritage, values, traditions, languages, history, self-perspective and racial attitudes. This new viewpoint has given designers the responsibility to create a positive change in concepts. At Love Leigh Occasions our responsibility is to ensure that these cultural features do not become barriers which may offend and cause negativity. Through innovative and deliberate design thinking we demonstrate our capacity and responsibility to endorse social awareness. Victor Papanek wrote in his 1971 book Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change,

“Design must be an innovative, highly creative, cross-disciplinary tool responsive

to the needs of men. It must be more research-oriented, and we must stop defiling

earth itself with poorly-designed objects and structures.”

In an ever changing society where individual and group rights are of utmost importance we work towards ‘maintaining harmony’. With our strong belief in our code of ethics we strive to maintain social responsibility from development to delivery of our concepts. In a bid to uphold the growth of event design beyond the norm and in order to preserve international appreciation it is important to understand events play a big role in design and can greatly impact socio – cultural development.

This structure shows another dimension to Love Leigh Occasions. Through the years we have built experience by understanding the needs of our clientele in various contexts. We understand that networking is important, not only within Trinidad and Tobago but also on an international level as this can build a greater awareness to the multi-culturalism and apply it appropriately to our events.

We have broken barriers and developed new platforms where individuals and organizations share in the expert services that we offer. Truly, with a broad understanding of events we certainly make a major impact in the event coordinating world.


Globally over the past few decades, steady growth in the productive capacity of the economy has been accompanied by escalating concerns about energy availability. Looking at Carnival after the festivities the materials used for costuming is discarded by the roadway and can be seen floating down the drains during rainfall. Now, with the increasing impacts on the environment caused by excessive waste scientists theory concludes that this negatively impacts the climate.

With this in mind, society has recommended and openly welcomes ‘organic /go green’ initiatives. Love Leigh Occasions has joined in this initiative and considers the environment during the planning and initializing of concepts for events.

So, how can an event planning company demonstrate environmental responsibility you ask?

  1. Using environmentally friendly materials for décor – bamboo, cork, recyclable or biodegradable materials
  2. In some instances using removable parts for signs where dates and other information can be easily changed without total destruction of the sign.
  3. The use of wares i.e. glass plates, silver cutlery and drinking glasses, linens etc. that can be washed and reused
  4. Going paperless where practicable by making full use of the technological era and utilizing the resources of the internet to disseminate information e.g. invitations, flyers, posters etc.
  5. Bagging items that cannot be reused for proper disposal by the relevant institutions

Realistically, in some instances eco-friendly materials may not allow the desired results, this is where we find the balance. Taking cognizance of the environment we highly recommend striving for a 50 /50 balance between synthetics and naturals where practicable.



In general our organization sees professionalism as a key responsibility in the execution of developing design concepts. By adhering to our core values we understand that professional responsibility exudes ethical principles, organizational effectiveness, respect, quality performance which all leads towards success. With our knowledge we deliver to you a service with expertise that can be appreciated locally and on an international perspective by displaying a true representation of design in events. We don’t stick our head in the sand and say that we know it all as we have made ourselves open to solid foundations where information and design methodologies have been disseminated.

Under the legal guidelines of rules and regulations pertaining to events within Trinidad and Tobago we adhere to these rules to ensure that standards so that all events would be safe. We have taken the initiative to consider our eco-system and have incorporated new measures of implantation in all designs and concepts.

Let’s lay it out for you in a list. Our professional responsibility stems so broad here is a list for clarity:

  • Our team continues to develop themselves in the technological field
  • We maintain current with the cultures and trends
  • We continually seek to raise our stands through research, educational training for fundamental growth and development all leading towards professional excellence
  • We are strongly against discrimination and always maintain a professional view and not a personal one
  • We ensure that all aspects of an event are guided under the legal rules and regulation ensuring that clients and participants safety in ensured in terms of venue, material used for decorations etc.

Our team or professionals should exercise unbiased professional judgment over any other motive in the development of the art, craft, and event design to our clients satisfaction.


Love Leigh Occasions is not only an event organization which applies fundamental responsibility professionally socially and environmentally we also understand the need to be guided by moral principles which is naturally embedded in our beings.

Through research it has been discovered that internationally there are Institutions which guide event planners on Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, however, within Trinidad and Tobago there are no recognized or established organization which has the overall responsibility and management for guiding persons within the field. It has been recognize that locally professional integrity is left up to the individual. Nonetheless, we are guided by international standards thus developing a personal /company code of ethics.

Earlier we listed our code of ethics and wish to reiterate and enlighten why these has been recorded as top of the list.

Honesty – we acquaint ourselves with each client’s business and provide honest and impartial advice. We believe that being truthful to our clients maintains integrity. We Don’t Baffle Brains with Misinformation!

Commitment – we are dedicated in achieving the desired goals of the client.

Creativity – we transcend traditional ideas to create meaningful original and progressive concepts

Excellence – through competence, innovation and teamwork we produce exceptional concepts excelling beyond the ordinary into the zone of the extraordinary ensuring clients satisfaction

Diligence – maintaining a professional work ethic we reach above and beyond the call of duty.


Leading the list of many individuals or organizations in the field of event coordinating and design is the conduct of integrity. It has been noted that most companies and professional bodies developed a code of ethics to demonstrate their overall responsibility to the public, clients, employers, the profession and colleagues by a moral principal that lie within the soul. After integrity other ethics are developed to guide accurate conduct.

At Love Leigh Occasions – Event Expert we envision our company to be the leaders within Trinidad and Tobago in the event coordinating industry. With customer satisfaction and our unique perspective we have developed a competitive advantage in the event coordinating market.

  • E.R.F.E.C.T. Organizational strengths
  • Highly capable in executing an idea to actual fulfilment and completion
  • Resourceful Team (design concepts, venue, vendors etc.)
  • Competitive price structure
  • No duplication of event design and concepts. New ideas are always generated
  • Eco-conscious initiative in the planning and implementation of events
  • 24 hour online customer consultation See consultloveleighoccasions.com
  • Maintained client buzz of the design and concepts delivered

An event is a planned occasion and can range from a simple gathering of four (4) persons to a grand gala event. Our organization has done work for both the private and government sector. What is the difference when working with these two entities you ask? Here’s an insight:



As highlighted earlier event coordinating does not only deal with food, venue, balloons and people. Events have a lot to do with design in term of shape, colour, layout, perspective and textures. These are fundamental principles in art and can be applied directly to event design. Most organizations under the private and government sector have developed a visual identity in terms of company /brand name, logo, colour scheme. Let’s evaluate the different types of business and organizations in which an event coordinating organization work in terms of design.

Government Sector

All Government Organizations have an identifiable logo and colour scheme which were developed under the specific guidelines of the National Emblems Committee. Under the National Emblems of Trinidad and Tobago Regulation Act Chapter 19:04 it clearly outlines the reproduction of the visual identity. When planning or coordinating events under this sector we are guided by this structure and build on what is standard to develop our concepts and designs.

Although there is structure in terms or colour and size specifications this does not stifle our creativity. With the necessary guidelines results are achieved as Love Leigh Occasions is all about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Private Sector

On a different note, private organizations may be able to grant a little more flexibility in terms of specifications. There are some organizations that change their overall look every few years. Although the rope for creativity is a little longer under this sector our team stays on point with the overall structure and message to be delivered. The general visual identity of each private organization is maintained.

Based on the guidelines mentioned under the government and private sector there is not much legislation affecting design in event concepts. As an event coordinator within Trinidad and Tobago we are guided by rules and regulations under the following:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act Chapter 88.08 which provides for the revision and extension of the law regarding the safety and health of citizens
  • Environmental Management Authority (EMA) which has the responsibility noise and environmental pollution and prevention (in events safe materials should be used and additional fitting should be properly secured)
  • Special grants and permissions
  • Relevant Licences Under the Summary Offences Act
  • Aspects which fall under the Intellectual Property Rights with regards to Trademarks, Company Design etc.

Love Leigh Occasions – Event Experts collaborates with the client when developing their concepts and designs. With our core values we are able to conceptualize our clients’ ideas and transcend the concepts to completion. With innovation we continue to deliver customer satisfaction.


As mentioned earlier the event management field is not only about food and balloons. This field is highly noted under the category of a designer as design concepts are envisioned and brought to life.

Working in the field as a designer be it in the scope of fashion, web, graphics, photography etc. once your creation is not intended for personal use and is to be used in a public scale for the gain of money as a designer ensuring originality is an important factor. Deep research must be done to ensure that plagiarism does not take place. In the case of logo design recently in Trinidad and Tobago Neal and Massy Group of Companies was rebranded under the name Massy Stores. With this rebranding visual changes were made to the company’s name, logo and colour scheme. The new logo formed both the merger of the letters N and M and the infinity symbol.

Upon the release of the new look of Massy Stores issues were raised with regards the originality of the logo. Mr. Gervase Warner President and Group CEO stated, “The logo in question is a prototype presented as an option for the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland. The similarities were first highlighted in a blog post by local designer Nicholas Huggins, which has been making the rounds on social media. Both logos feature that straight-lined infinity/butterfly effect from the N and M combination. Huggins also noted that the logos have similar fonts”.

Mr. Warner is quoted as saying “Our logo has been trademarked and when we did the search during that process, nothing came up. We are convinced that any similarity with this and another logo is a genuine case of two people coming up with a similar concept independently. Now what we have to do about it is we have to make sure ours is protected.”

This is a clear example why it is important to understand the effects of legislation on the work of designers. Under the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago the Intellectual Property Office confirm originality and protect your idea from being used by someone else. It is advisable to also seek counsel from an attorney.

The Ministry of Legal Affairs will direct a person willing to ensure their mark (in the case of this explanation the mark is a logo) is original. Firstly a search must be conducted to see if there are any identical marks. This search will disclose trademarks that have already been registered and trademarks that are pending. The Trademarks Act of Trinidad and Tobago Chapter 82:81 gives clear guidelines and rules to trademarks. There are also available websites for trademark registration at https://www.marcaria.com/register/TradeMark_Registration_ByCountry.asp

a site where you can check for the originality of your mark on a global scale.

In the instances where literary and artistic works the Copyright Act of Trinidad and Tobago Chapter 82:80 details and explains literary and artistic works. Once your work is being used for commercial gain it is advisable to protect it.

In a Newsday article in February 2013 citizens were advised not to post Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival activities online, especially on social media sites. President of Trinidad & Tobago Copyright Collection Organization Mr. Richard Cornwall highlighted that these images can be downloaded and compiled for magazines etc for marketable gain. It was debated whether TTCO was trying to dominate a public event. This organization eventually disbanded as no merit was found as to their claim as posting photographs does not afford any monetary gain. Part III of the Copyright Act Chapter 82:80 also outlined Moral Rights which is guided by law and is left to individual integrity.

In the case of fashion design which includes carnival costumes Deputy Controller of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Ms. Tene Reece clearly stated in 2013, “Copyright only applies to original literary and artistic works—and I want to stress only original works are protected by copyright,” she said. “Therefore not all our mas costumes would attract copyright protection, because they are not all original. Traditional mas costumes like sailor mas or blue devils could not be copyrighted. “Also, bikini-based costumes would not fall under such protection.”

In the field of an event coordinator we are required to use logos, symbols, markings, images, text etc as these are some of the ingredients to making an event. We need to be cognizant of all the relevant guidelines so as not to infringe on anyone’s right. In a nutshell the Intellectual Property Office of Trinidad and Tobago performs several functions in order to indicate originality and allows creators to maintain ownership of their published idea in the areas of Trademarks (Trade Marks Act, Chap. 82:81;), Patents (The Patents Act, 1996, (Act No. 21 of 1996). The Patents Rules, 1996.), Copyright and Industrial Design


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