Leading the list of many individuals or organizations in the field of event coordinating and design is the conduct of integrity. It has been noted that most companies and professional bodies developed a code of ethics to demonstrate their overall responsibility to the public, clients, employers, the profession and colleagues by a moral principal that lie within the soul. After integrity other ethics are developed to guide accurate conduct.

At Love Leigh Occasions – Event Expert we envision our company to be the leaders within Trinidad and Tobago in the event coordinating industry. With customer satisfaction and our unique perspective we have developed a competitive advantage in the event coordinating market.

  • P. E.R.F.E.C.T. Organizational strengths
  • Highly capable in executing an idea to actual fulfillment and completion
  • Resourceful Team (design concepts, venue, vendors etc.)
  • Competitive price structure
  • No duplication of event design and concepts. New ideas are always generated
  • Eco-conscious initiative in the planning and implementation of events
  • 24 hour online customer consultation See
  • Maintained client buzz of the design and concepts delivered

An event is a planned occasion and can range from a simple gathering of four (4) persons to a grand gala event. Our organization has done work for both the private and government sector. What is the difference when working with these two entities you ask? Here’s an insight:



As highlighted earlier event coordinating does not only deal with food, venue, balloons and people. Events have a lot to do with design in term of shape, colour, layout, perspective and textures. These are fundamental principles in art and can be applied directly to event design. Most organizations under the private and government sector have developed a visual identity in terms of company /brand name, logo, colour scheme. Let’s evaluate the different types of business and organizations in which an event coordinating organization work in terms of design.

Government Sector

All Government Organizations have an identifiable logo and colour scheme which were developed under the specific guidelines of the National Emblems Committee. Under the National Emblems of Trinidad and Tobago Regulation Act Chapter 19:04 it clearly outlines the reproduction of the visual identity. When planning or coordinating events under this sector we are guided by this structure and build on what is standard to develop our concepts and designs.

Although there is structure in terms or colour and size specifications this does not stifle our creativity. With the necessary guidelines results are achieved as Love Leigh Occasions is all about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Private Sector

On a different note, private organizations may be able to grant a little more flexibility in terms of specifications. There are some organizations that change their overall look every few years. Although the rope for creativity is a little longer under this sector our team stays on point with the overall structure and message to be delivered. The general visual identity of each private organization is maintained.

            Based on the guidelines mentioned under the government and private sector there is not much legislation affecting design in event concepts. As an event coordinator within Trinidad and Tobago we are guided by rules and regulations under the following:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act Chapter 88.08 which provides for the revision and extension of the law regarding the safety and health of citizens
  • Environmental Management Authority (EMA) which has the responsibility noise and environmental pollution and prevention (in events safe materials should be used and additional fitting should be properly secured)
  • Special grants and permissions
  • Relevant Licences Under the Summary Offences Act
  • Aspects which fall under the Intellectual Property Rights with regards to Trademarks, Company Design etc.

Love Leigh Occasions – Event Experts collaborates with the client when developing their concepts and designs. With our core values we are able to conceptualize our clients’ ideas and transcend the concepts to completion. With innovation we continue to deliver customer satisfaction.



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