Love Leigh Occasions – Event Experts will strive to become the premier establishment in the event management industry. Through our core values of honesty, commitment, diligence, creativity and excellence we will exceed the expectations of our clients by providing innovative concepts and designs as we endeavor to successfully transform all events from ‘ordinary to extraordinary.’


To be the premier event management company through innovative, unique, eco-friendly concepts and designs consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.




We live in a world where social differences among groups may comprise of ethnic heritage, values, traditions, languages, history, self-perspective and racial attitudes. This new viewpoint has given designers the responsibility to create a positive change in concepts. At Love Leigh Occasions our responsibility is to ensure that these cultural features do not become barriers which may offend and cause negativity. Through innovative and deliberate design thinking we demonstrate our capacity and responsibility to endorse social awareness. Victor Papanek wrote in his 1971 book Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change,

            “Design must be an innovative, highly creative, cross-disciplinary tool responsive

            to the needs of men. It must be more research-oriented, and we must stop defiling

            earth itself with poorly-designed objects and structures.”

In an ever changing society where individual and group rights are of utmost importance we work towards ‘maintaining harmony’. With our strong belief in our code of ethics we strive to maintain social responsibility from development to delivery of our concepts. In a bid to uphold the growth of event design beyond the norm and in order to preserve international appreciation it is important to understand events play a big role in design and can greatly impact socio – cultural development.

This structure shows another dimension to Love Leigh Occasions. Through the years we have built experience by understanding the needs of our clientele in various contexts. We understand that networking is important, not only within Trinidad and Tobago but also on an international level as this can build a greater awareness to the multi-culturalism and apply it appropriately to our events.

We have broken barriers and developed new platforms where individuals and organizations share in the expert services that we offer. Truly, with a broad understanding of events we certainly make a major impact in the event coordinating world.



Globally over the past few decades, steady growth in the productive capacity of the economy has been accompanied by escalating concerns about energy availability. Looking at Carnival after the festivities the materials used for costuming is discarded by the roadway and can be seen floating down the drains during rainfall. Now, with the increasing impacts on the environment caused by excessive waste scientists theory concludes that this negatively impacts the climate.

With this in mind, society has recommended and openly welcomes ‘organic /go green’ initiatives. Love Leigh Occasions has joined in this initiative and considers the environment during the planning and initializing of concepts for events.

So, how can an event planning company demonstrate environmental responsibility you ask?

  1. Using environmentally friendly materials for décor – bamboo, cork, recyclable or biodegradable materials
  2. In some instances using removable parts for signs where dates and other information can be easily changed without total destruction of the sign.
  3. The use of wares i.e. glass plates, silver cutlery and drinking glasses, linens etc. that can be washed and reused
  4. Going paperless where practicable by making full use of the technological era and utilizing the resources of the internet to disseminate information e.g. invitations, flyers, posters etc.
  5. Bagging items that cannot be reused for proper disposal by the relevant institutions

Realistically, in some instances eco-friendly materials may not allow the desired results, this is where we find the balance. Taking cognizance of the environment we highly recommend striving for a 50 /50 balance between synthetics and naturals where practicable.


In general our organization sees professionalism as a key responsibility in the execution of developing design concepts. By adhering to our core values we understand that professional responsibility exudes ethical principles, organizational effectiveness, respect, quality performance which all leads towards success. With our knowledge we deliver to you a service with expertise that can be appreciated locally and on an international perspective by displaying a true representation of design in events. We don’t stick our head in the sand and say that we know it all as we have made ourselves open to solid foundations where information and design methodologies have been disseminated.

Under the legal guidelines of rules and regulations pertaining to events within Trinidad and Tobago we adhere to these rules to ensure that standards so that all events would be safe. We have taken the initiative to consider our eco-system and have incorporated new measures of implantation in all designs and concepts.

Let’s lay it out for you in a list. Our professional responsibility stems so broad here is a list for clarity:

  • Our team continues to develop themselves in the technological field
  • We maintain current with the cultures and trends
  • We continually seek to raise our stands through research, educational training for fundamental growth and development all leading towards professional excellence
  • We are strongly against discrimination and always maintain a professional view and not a personal one
  • We ensure that all aspects of an event are guided under the legal rules and regulation ensuring that clients and participants safety in ensured in terms of venue, material used for decorations etc.

Our team or professionals should exercise unbiased professional judgment over any other motive in the development of the art, craft, and event design to our clients satisfaction.


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